Selected papers will be published in

Studies in Computational Intelligence

ISSN: 1860-949X, Springer

Studies in Computational Intelligence

Should you intend to contribute to the workshop with a paper, we recommend subscribing using the paper submission system. In the initial, step it is not necessary to submit a paper. In time you can change any registered information (for example paper title). A submitted paper can be resubmitted any times until the reach of the deadline. We will send announcements to all the colleagues interested to contribute with papers that are registered (we have the authors e-mail addresses).

Paper submission system:

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If you resubmit a paper, the previous submitted version will be lost!!

Details related with the publications in journals will be given later. The extended versions of accepted papers at the workshop will be considered for publication in ISI ranked journals.

If you have difficulties regarding the submission of a paper, feel free to ask for assistance.